Ray USA PROUD! Sticker 🗽 2 for 1 Sale
Ray USA PROUD! Sticker 🗽 2 for 1 Sale
Ray USA PROUD! Sticker 🗽 2 for 1 Sale
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Ray USA PROUD! Sticker 🗽 2 for 1 Sale

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2 for 1 special.

Each package will include a Blue and Clear Sticker.

We have a very limited amount of these stickers in stock. 

A little patriotic theme sticker. A shout out to the good old USA. ❤️🤍💙

These stickers are a fun way to show how proud you are to be an American or living in the USA. Share with family and friends

What is a Ray?
In Geometry, a Ray is a part of a line that goes on forever in one direction. A ray never ends. Ray USA represents freedom in America that will never end.

+ High quality and durable vinyl, indoor and outdoor use
+ Waterproof and weatherproof

  FREE Shipping. 

 Sizes: 3″x 2.25"


FREE Same Day Shipping. You will receive a notification email or text with the tracking number once your order ships.

We individually wrap each sticker whether you are buying one or a set of 24. This makes it easier to give as a gift.

 Email care@mathproud.com with any questions.

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