" WE Are Spreading A Little Math Love "

Math Proud! is a brand dedicated to show the beauty and wonders of MATH by creating engaging designs that spark curiosity and purpose. It all started with one man's love of math and art.

 Hi, my name is Denzil. The reason why I started Math Proud is because I wanted to use my love of math and art to create fun and engaging designs that anyone would want to wear. I believe math can be Educational, Beautiful, Fashionable and Fun.

 The beauty of mathematics is all around us. I see it everywhere I go.

 I am having a great time creating designs for apparel and other products sprinkled with a little math that evoke feelings in people and start conversations. And maybe make this world a better place.

 I Currently run and operate Math A Tube ( www.mathatube.com ) . A free math educational website for parents to help their kids with math schoolwork.

 I am proud to say that millions of teachers, kids, and parents have used it over the years. The site gets thousands of visitors each day since I started it in 2007. 


Thank you for helping us spread a little math love.