" WE Are Spreading A Little Math Love "

Our Why? Math Proud! is a brand that celebrates the beauty and wonder of mathematics through engaging designs for apparel and other products that inspire curiosity and purpose.

Our vision is to one day live in a world where everyone celebrates math and wears it proudly".

It all began with one man's passion for math and art, and now it has grown into a movement to change the way people think about math.

My name is Denzil, and I founded Math Proud to share my love of math and art with the world. I believe that math can be both educational and beautiful, and I wanted to create designs that showcase its many fascinating facets.

Math is all around us, and I find inspiration in its intricate patterns and elegant solutions. My designs are intended to spark conversation and evoke feelings in people, whether they are mathematicians or simply math-curious.

In addition to running Math Proud, I also operate Math A Tube, a free educational website that helps parents support their children's math learning. I'm proud to say that millions of teachers, parents, and students have benefited from the resources on the site since its launch in 2007.

At Math Proud, we believe that math can be fun, fashionable, and accessible to everyone. Join us in celebrating the beauty and wonder of this amazing subject.

I am thrilled to be designing apparel and other products that blend math with art, creating a delightful mix that elicits emotion and encourages dialogue. My hope is that these designs will not only bring joy to those who wear them but also contribute to making the world a better place, one conversation at a time.


Thank you for helping us spread a little math love.