Hi, my name is Denzil. Thanks for visiting my Math Proud store. The Math Proud brand is 100% dedicated to spreading the love of math and reveal the beauty and wonders of mathematics through Clothing, and Gifts.

I have been designing, making and selling T-shirts on and off since my first year in college. Mostly to family and friends for special occasions like birthdays and graduations. Sometimes I sell at local merch clothing shows. Selling online seems to be a natural progression for me. I am excited to merge my love of Math and Art with my Math Proud store.

I Currently run and operate Math A Tube ( www.mathatube.com ) . A free math educational website for parents to help their kids with math school work. I am proud to say that millions of teachers, kids and parents have use it over the years. The site gets thousands of visitors each day since I started it in 2007. 

Reason: The reason why I started Math Proud is because I wanted to create fun, engaging designs for math lovers like myself and all math users.

Mission: To build the world best math themed store one satisfied customer at a time. I plan to accomplish this by creating the best one of a kind quality products, Clothing, and Gifts you will find online.

Customer Service: You the customer is the back bone of this business. We plan to grow one satisfied customer at a time by giving top notch customer service. I am available 24 hours. You can email me at any  time. email: denz@mathproud.com 

Design: I currently do all the designs myself. I love it. I use Photoshop as my main design software. I plan to hire a designer in the future as the store grows. So, if you 
know a good graphic designer let me know or tell them to send me an email.

Design Ideas: I have no problem of coming up with art ideas. The world is powered by numbers. The beauty of mathematics is all around us. I see it everywhere I go.

Science and Art: Science and art share special relationship with math. I plan to explore that in my designs.

Original Designs: All my art work will be 100% original. I don’t believe in copying someone else’s work. When a customer buys one of our T-shirt, I want them to know they got a Math Proud original. 

Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to contact me, I am available 24 hours. I would love to hear from you.

Email me at denz@mathproud.com 

Copy right and Trademark: I research each design myself beforehand to ensure that I am not breaking any copyright or trademark laws. This slows down the process, but I think it’s worth it. I use the U.S Patent Trademark and copy right website. www.uspto.gov

I take trademark and copyright laws very seriously. I would like to think that no one will steal my work but the internet being what it is I know that’s not possible. I don’t plan on spending a lot of my time chasing after copycats.