Math Proud 2021

Math Proud! 2021 

Dear Math Proud Member and New Customers,

 I hope this year is starting off well for you.   As January 2021 takes off, I want to update you on some the changes with Math Proud that will benefit all customers.


New Updates:

>Same Day Shipping

>More Videos on the Product pages

>100%Quality Control 


Same Day Shipping:

Since no one like to wait for a delivery especially me, we are moving all our products to same day shipping.  This will improve the delivery time of your item/product significantly.


Videos on the Product Pages:

Along with pictures, we will be introducing videos.  The videos will address common problems, product usage and highlight creative details.  Our videos can be viewed on the YouTube channel and embedded on the website in the future.                                   


 100% Quality Control:

Since we partnered with an off-site Fulfillment Center for some of our products such as our t-shirts and mugs, in the past we sent them our unique design to make. Once you purchased the item it was packaged and shipped from their facility.    Although in the past they did a good job moving forward we will take a different approach.   All our products will be inspected, packaged, and shipped straight from Math Proud to our customers. This gives us total quality control of the item you will receive.


 Thank you for your continued support.


-Denzil Adams, owner of Math Proud


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